Sai Satcharitra

Sai Satcharitra is a autobiography of Shri Sai baba written by Shri Govinda Raghunatha Dabholkar. Auther wrote this book in Marathi as he belonged to Mumbai. This book contains all the stories and experiences of Sai baba in his life. This book describes all the leelas of Sai baba and also describes all the important events in the life of Sai baba.

Sai Satcharitra In Hindi :

Sai Baba
Sai Baba

This book is very instructive and tells about teachings of Sai baba in detail. Sai Satcharitra shows the way to get rid of all the sins and helps devotees of Sai Baba to overcome all kind of difficulties.

Writer of Sai Satcharitra was not a well educated man but was working on a position of magistrate in Bombay government. He was also a very good poet. He became a true devotee of Sai baba after having a meeting with him in Shirdi and also got very inspired by all his leelas. Then he decided to write Sai Satcharitra to describe Sai baba story and leelas.
He started to write this book in 1922 and completed it in 1926. His main aim behind writing this book was to bring happiness and peace among people.

Reader of Sai Satcharitra definitely gets peace and courage to face all the difficulties in life. Reading this book brings happiness in the life of people who are burdened with sorrows and miseries. This book gives knowledge and wisdom to devotees of Sai baba in both spiritual and worldly domains. So, This book is a very popular book among devotees of Sai baba.